Essential Rewards

What is Essential Rewards?

First of all, I like to clarify that it is not required.  In order to maintain your Young Living membership you only have to spend $50 per year on products and you’re good for another year. 

However, as you continue to learn about the various supplements, oils, and products that Young Living has, you may find yourself wanting to order every month.  If you find that you will be ordering at least $50 worth of product every month then you definitely want to do Essential Rewards.  Otherwise you’re just leaving free money and possibly even free products to try on the table, which is dumb… and my friends aren’t dumb.  

So wait… Free products??  What do I mean by that?  Let me explain the perks:

 Perk 1:

When you place a monthly order for products using Essential Rewards, Young Living gives you a percentage back in points to spend on future orders.  1 point = 1 dollar = 1 PV.  Most items are full PV but some aren’t’ so pay attention to dollar vs PV amounts.

If it is your first, second, or third month on Essential Rewards you get 10% back in points.

If it is your fourth month through your 24th month using Essential Rewards you get 20% of what you purchase back in points to use on a future order.

If you have been on Essential Rewards for 25 months or more you get 25% back in points.

If you miss a month your point accrual starts back over at month one so make sure you place your order every month.  Don’t worry though, if you find it’s not working for you, you can cancel anytime with no fees and there is no contract.  You can start and stop the program as much as you like with no hassle.  You can save your points for 12 months before they expire.  I’ve been using Essential Rewards for more than 2 years so I get back 25% on everything I spend.  When I spend my 300pv per month that is $75 back in points alone PER MONTH!

Perk 2:

You will recieve a free bottle of oil at months 3, 6, 9, and 12 for the first year, and then every 12 months after that.  It is rewarded when you have placed 3, 6, 9, and 12 months in a row without missing any months in orders. 

Generally, for month three you recieve peppermint, month six is Thieves, month 9 is tea tree, and month 12 is a special blend called Loyalty that you can only get each year you are on Essential Rewards.  P.S…. It smells AMAZING!  

Perk 3:

Each month Young Living features products that you can get for free, depending on how much you spend on your monthly order.  The more you spend, the more products you get for free. 

The tiers are generally 100pv, 190pv, 250pv, and 300pv.  One tip I share is to pay attention to your PV levels.  You may be close to getting a free product and barely miss it. 

Also, 100pv will generally get you only one free item but 190pv will get you three so it pays to pay attention to the promotions each month.  Here are some examples of some items given away in months past.

Keep in mind that all of these perks are being given as a thank you for the purchase that you were already making.  That’s basically like loading things in your shopping cart and then having someone throw a bunch of extra free stuff in your cart and then hand you gift cards on top of that!

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